My Rarotonga get away!!! (a little pic heavy!!!)

A week ago i got on a plane and headed north to meet up with a friend to head off to Rarotonga for a 6 day 5 night holiday…..(well with travel time we spent 5 nights and 4.75 days in raro!! lol) the rest of the time was in airports…and on planes!!!


to start with a went on a hell flight ( read about it here) i was so so scared!!!!…. i was quite shaken when i met hannah at the airport!!!


but after a chat, lunch and time waiting..i recovered!!!


ready to go!!!!


wahooooo we have landed…and WHOOSH we are hit by the heat


exploring the resort in the dark!!!


the resort by daylight!!

550311_10151679711898319_1757566539_n (1)


we went to a local church…was just amazing!!! ended up recording the singing as it was too good to miss…..!!! this man was funny…he put his arm around my shoulder and asked where i was from. He was most happy to hear i was a hurricane supporter!!!


the beach!!!!!!!!!! oh the beach!!


the cocktails…oh the cocktails!!!!!!!!!!!



hannah and i on the glass bottom boat cruise…snorkelling around the boat!!



the fish under our boat!!!


the island we landed on to have the show and lunch!!! (this in on the muri beach area…so gonna stay there next time…you can walk across to this island from the beach!!)



me in my swimming gear…a friend loaned me the reef shoes….and the tshirt is due to the fact i got sunburnt on day one!!!



the coconut show!!!



the food….YUM


me scrapbooking my album each night…sadly the printer aint great…but still happy i did it!!! a great keepsake!!! am thinking i may put all my pics into a photo book now!!!

305802_10151679718218319_951051442_n 486755_10151679718163319_917066178_n

me snorkelling..

IMG_9418where’s hannah???


Yummy food at the resort


where we spent our days!!!IMG_9191

view from our room…garden rooms were lovely!!


ready for the cultural night….and our entertainment!!!IMG_9484 IMG_9494

our visit to the town centre


a busy day at the beach!!!



one of the many cocktails i tried…this one was the nicest!!!


one of the amazing sunsets…sadly the besst one was on the day we left and we were on the wrong side of the plane!!!


the path to the pool and beach!!!

IMG_9225 IMG_9218

the resort…would love to be in one of these…we were in the garden area ones!!


IMG3482and finally….home to see this monster…who hasnt stopped purring since i got back and wont leave me alone!!!!

well…well done if you have gotten to the end!!!

if you want a get away!!! go rarotonga….its the best!!


Easter goodness!!!

Arghhhhhhh these posts are getting harder to write

i have all these ideas then when it comes to write then…nothing

mostly i blame the long term that we are in the middle of (10 weeks down – 3 to go!!)

so to make it easy for me – here are some pics to share!!!


Here is the mask that Miss Trina made for my friend’s 50th Masquerade ball…isnt it wicked!!


I love the skies out my window…so pretty

IMG3162 IMG3169

Ball time!!!!


wahoooooooo my new lens arrived!!!

IMG3202 IMG3208

Me and my girl


Some crazy easter bunnies!!!

IMG3220 IMG3235

i love this one of G and I!!!

IMG3237 IMG3245

i have been crafty too!!!!

IMG3246 IMG_9129

Playing with my lens….btw Miss Grumpy was ages away!!! love it

IMG_9138 IMG_9139


IMG_9151love these kids…..scrunched noses and all

Happy Easter everyone!!



feeling happy that it is raining!!!! (we are in drought so need it!!)


refusing to put on socks yet…..summer isnt over…summer isnt over!!

sleeping yes please….as much as possible!!

drinking WW juice!!! tasty!!!

packing up clutter… DO we get so much stuff!!!.

loving that my garden is being watered by the rain!!! saw a quote that said it’s almost like the grass/garden is gulping it up!!! feels true….the grass is so so brown!!!

watching One news and Ellen (gotta love freeview and channel 7…..tv1 an hour later!!!)

thinking i should have dinner soon…my crockpot made chicken curry for me!!! smells devine!!!

making layouts with March’s Crazy Monday Kit…..

appreciating a job, a home…and friends and family (my nieces and nephew below)


planning on sorting out presents and cards for March birthdays!!!

dreaming of RAROTONGA…less then 5 weeks baby!!!

re-working all my winter clothes….what do i have!!!

realizing it is halfway through March!!! ekkkkk!!!

starting to think about what to wear to the Masquerade ball this weekend!!!

finding the weeks are going fast!!!

eating dinner….shortly!!!

flipping channels..the news is boring!!!!!!!

IMG_9079took this pic of my niece over the weekend… the lily pond at the gardens….love this pic…wonder and discovery….what early childhood is all about!!!

happy week all



Happy 5th Birthday my darling Bronte

Sunday is my nieces birthday!!!

i cannot believe she is 5!!!

Here are some shots over the years……

b dscf4213bronte
dscf7299 dscf56971 img_4088 img_5928


and here she is on her last day at kindergarten on friday!!!


IMG_8804 IMG_8805Happy birthday my darling…cant wait for your party tomorrow afternoon, hearing about your first day at school on Monday and sneaking out of work on wednesday to pick you up myself!!!


Aunty mandy


Listmania four….all the jobs i’ve loved before

Its listmania time again

here is the current post – click here

ok so here are some jobs i have had!!!

age 3 (unpaid)…….when i was little i used to be looked after by a lady called Mrs C….she would care for me while my Mum did relief teaching jobs…..i loved Mrs C so much i used to cry if Mum DIDN’T go to work!!! Jobs i did while at Mrs C’s was make her son and daughters beds, visit olds peoples homes..and help make her famous meringues!!! (surely these are jobs!!!- i sure thought they were!!!)

age 5 (unpaid)….When i turned 5 and went to school…apparently i moaned about my school lunches for 2 weeks solid!!!! since my mum worked full time she didn’t have time for any of this rubbish…so made me make my own lunches….and i have been ever since!!!

age 7-12 (paid)….once again since my parents worked we were made to do jobs around the house…these included….putting the milk tokens in the bottles and taking them to the letterbox (now who remembers milk tokens!!!)…unpacking the dishwasher, doing the vacuuming  hanging out the washing…

age 12-14 (paid…sort of) my friend C had a paper run (think junk mail) and i used to help her with her run!!! she was meant to pay me half…….im not sure thats what i ever got quietly!!!!!

age 14-15….(paid)…i worked weekend dinner shift in a local old people’s home. The pay was like $12 an hour…and i worked 4 hours over the weekend…..i was actually paid more then friends who work all weekend at Big Fresh for like $3 an hour!!!

BABYSITTING…this was another job i did since i was old enough ….i cared for friend’s kids over school holidays, weekends and evenings….many of these were home help…but the pay was good and i had fun!!!

age 17….left school and went to Nannies College…(top of my class thank you!!!) and went straight into a job ( got my first car AND went flatting….)….so funny when i went back to my 7th form ball…they couldn’t believe i was flatting and owned a car…most of them had mucked around all year and done nothing much!!!! i loved nannying and only stopped after 5 years with one family….well the 8 year olds screaming and clawing at my pants before they flew back to France wasn’t pleasant AT ALL!!!

age 22….(approx) once i had finished nannying i went into Kindergarten teaching…and have been doing this job ever since!!!!!!!!! some days i love it…other days…not so much!!!




(on this day i was made to be a police officer…and trying to write a story on a child….while also making sure K who had my camera didnt drop it!!!!)

happy week all



Digging: this warm weather we are finally having….!!!
Drinking:   orance juice
Eating:  cinnamon scrolls i just made!! mmm

Listening: the birds having a party with the bread bits i threw out to them (on the front lawn)
Wearing:  3/4’s and blue top
Reading:  facebook updates
Feeling:  glad its still the weekend….just!!!
Weather:  sunny outside….
Wanting: my Niece Bronte to enjoy her last week at kindergarten
Needing:  to finish the profile/scrapbook i am making for a work mate..
Wishing:  for more of this weather!!!
Thinking:  i should make something for dinner
Enjoying:  bare feet!!! LOVE this time of year!!
Missing:  my friend viv who lives in OZ. we caught up for like 9 hours the other week!!!

happy week all